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Online Courses Hosted


South Puget Sound Community College


Shirley Baenen and Bob Corl have developed qualifying courses for Real Estate Broker and Appraiser licensing. These courses are approved by Washington Department of Licensing

Shirley and Bob have been successfully developing and offering online courses since 2001 hosted by  multiple colleges in Washington State.

Washington real estate fundamentals

Clock Hours: 60

This Washington State DOL-approved entry-level course is designed for buyers, sellers, investors, and any others interested in obtaining a real estate license. Topics include ownership rights, contract law, agency law, listing agreements and procedures, the selling process, valuation, finance, leasing, property management, landlord tenant law, license law and fair housing.

Required textbook: Mastering Real Estate Principles, 7th Edition. Real Estate Education Company.

Real estate practices

Clock Hours: 30

This is the second required course prior to the first broker's license. Explore agency relationships, listings and evaluation techniques, in depth review of purchase and sale agreements, residential financing, the closing procedures, environmental issues, government agencies, marketing, negotiation, business skills and procedures related to the practice of real estate, and license law.

Required Prerequisite: Washington Real Estate Fundamentals. 

Required textbook: Modern Real Estate Practices, 19th Edition update, Real Estate Education Company. 

Principles of appraising

Clock Hours: 30

Required for appraiser licensing and certification. Meets criteria set by the Appraisal Foundation for Basic Appraisal Principles. Includes, economic principles impacting appraisals, forms of ownership, appraisal tasks, principle of supply and demand. Approaches to value: Cost, Income, Sales Comparison. Current issues. Graded student project. Approved for continuing education for real estate licensees.

Required textbook: Fundamentals of Real Estate Appraisal, 12th Edition.

Appraisal Proceedures 

Clock Hours: 30

Prerequisites: Principles of Appraising. Meets criteria set by the Appraisal Foundation for Basic Appraisal Procedures and for appraiser pre-licensing education. Students apply knowledge learned in “Principles of Appraising” by developing graded form reports, and applying techniques to narrative reports. Includes overview of approaches to value and valuation procedures for residential applications. Approved for continuing education for real estate licensees. 

Required textbook: Basic Appraisal Procedures, 3rd Edition

The course commences with an overview of national and state appraisal regulatory bodies as well as a comprehensive discussion of the minimum Appraiser Qualifications Board and the WA Dept. of Licensing qualifying criteria for supervisory appraisers and the various appraiser classifications. Obligations of appraiser ethics and competency are also discussed with a focus on supervisory appraisers and trainees. The course concludes with specific roles and responsibilities of supervisory appraisers and trainee appraisers, including a final chapter that serves as a best practices checklist, designed to ensure thorough and meaningful supervisory oversight, and best practice development by trainees in appraisal development and reporting. Approved for 4 Clock Hours. 

Required textbook: Supervising The Trainee Appraiser: National Regulations and Responsibilities