Photo: Michael Holden

Northwest Novelists Team Up for Mystery Novel

The Latte Stand: A Single Shot!

by E. B. Tate & Bob Corl

E.B. Tate is the pseudonym for author Shirley Baenen. Bob Corl is the co-auhtor of this novel. This team gives a unique voice to the characters in the "The Latté StandA Single Shot!"

An Alice Bonifer Mystery

"When Pacific Northwest real estate appraiser Alice Bonifer and her assistant, Cory Addleson, find that their next appointment has been cancelled by a sniper’s bullet, their research takes a decidedly different twist. Try as they might to remain innocent bystanders, Alice, Cory and the rest of the team find they are drawn into events that extend far beyond the death of one man. Alice and her associates work on both sides of Snoqualmie Pass, Washington. When Alice arrives on a remote Kittitas County new home site with Cory they find the builder they were to meet lying dead under a blue tarp in the excavation dirt. Their natural tendency to draw conclusions from detailed research pulls them deeper and deeper into solving the puzzle. A discrepancy in a floor plan leads Alice to clues to a victim’s past which involves three states, a cold case murder and a series of multi-million dollar real estate scams. In a violent climax that nearly costs Alice her life, the county sheriff and state police sharpshooters zero in on the sniper - but not before the killer has gotten off one last single shot..."

PURCHASE: "The Latte Stand: A Single Shot !” by E. B. Tate & Bob Corl